Not long past, i used to be discussing with an internet acquaintance a number of his observations on observations on cyber warfare, intelligence, white hat cyber police work. This got American state to contemplate another points of competition once managing cyber attacks and false flags. You see, before we tend to follow some supposed nation or offender for a cyber attack, we tend to higher confirm they really did it. Let’s talk.

Now then, within the most wanted rule of the CIA book, specifically aren’t getting caught, it is sensible that people doing cyber attacks would cowl their tracks with false leads and punctiliously planted bread crumbs to guide their pursuers wide, false flags square measure most likely additional distinguished than not. In different words, everything ought to be thought of diametrically against Ockham’s Razor, as if Ockham’s Razor in cyber warfare.

Of course, with high level thinking, psychological feature theory, the smarter folks do the cyber attacks, and attempting to out suppose at intervals the minds of the opposing force, that the mind games together with the cyber offensive makes for a fun sport. unfortunate such a big amount of folks unknowingly get caught within the cross-swap of virtual war games vie into the important world.

It’s fascinating that I concur with most all of what my acquaintance had aforesaid, that seldom happens on topics like this, maybe because of all the compartmentalization of those overlapping domains, as of us close to the scene solely see what’s closes to them, not the larger image. Personally, I see it all in concert, not in elements, it blends, that is why it may be therefore damn dangerous if somebody World Health Organization gets it and has the proper team behind them starts enjoying full-tilt forever.

Consider a cyber attack on our financial system. that is a scarey thought, sadly all the tools square measure in situ for somebody to actually rake disturbance on the financial system. I noted the CME (commodity commercialism computers) in Chicago went down the opposite day, not like there’s not enough on-going daily chaos in those markets to begin with. If fat fingers will cause flash crashes, and if high-speed commercialism algorithms will overwhelm the system, World Health Organization is to mention a double whammy and musical organization follow-up cyber attack on the system, could not take it all down – if therefore, then what?

Could that with a remote swan Event, some invented on-line news, and a few of bubble bursts round the planet, and it’s quite potential that a cyber attack on our money markets may value America trillions of greenbacks and set America back before we tend to knew what hit America. don’t be concerned, these challenges square measure familiar and there square measure contingency plans, however it’s scarey stuff yet. Please take into account all this and suppose thereon.

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