Christmas Joke About Cyber Terrorism Hackers

Cyber attacks and cyber coercion have noncontinuous several United States government laptop systems. These hackers, several of them “patriotic hackers” from China have additionally hit several of the United States’ largest companies. At the North Pole, a US territory, they additionally hit Father Christmas Corporation. however this point they scarf the Christmas “wish lists” of one.1 billion kids.

Santa Claus Corporation has been busy notifying all the youngsters that their personal data has been jeopardized by hackers. The Federal Trade Commission is suing the corporate for permitting identity thieves to steal this knowledge. There can also be violations of HIPPA as a result of often unfit or physically challenged kids tell Father Christmas of their ailments in letters once they send out their Christmas want lists.

Because of all the negative content this has caused Father Christmas Corporation an enormous downside. it should even impede within the range of orders this year, that square measure already down by two hundredth thanks to the world economic monetary meltdown and crisis. If things get abundant worse, it might much hurt the corporation’s stock, that is already down four-hundredth from Gregorian calendar month of 2008.

Mr. Claus stated; “I’m unsure what the hackers need with of these Christmas wish-lists, however if they’d wish to give the toys for all the youngsters, whose personal data they scarf, then be my guest. simply ensure you get all those toys delivered by December twenty fifth. and do not forget the Jewish holy day list either, those square measure due even sooner, as our Corporation currently has the contract for Jewish holy day additionally.”

Parents, Santa, and federal authorities square measure fit be tied over this hacking incident.

Lance Edward Winslow could be a retired founding father of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and currently runs the net company. Lance Edward Winslow believes in secured networks.

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